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Level 1 Medical is a medical supplies company with 25 years management experience in international distribution of medical equipment and healthcare products. Level 1 Medical provide an extensive range of health products, including high quality laryngoscopes, oxygen regulators, electro surgery accessories, oxygen therapy products, respiratory circuits, and FDA approved pulse oximeters.

Please contact Level 1 Medical for a quote for any of our products.

Whether you are looking for disposable medical equipment or other medical supplies then Level 1 Medical is here to assist, and when necessary guide you to achieving your objective. Please visit our online shop to buy healthcare products.

Why choose Level 1 Medical?

Level 1 Medical strives for excellence in its approach to deliver healthcare products to hospitals, GP surgeries, and healthcare professionals additionally other products for personal well being complete the range. The goal of the company is to market advanced medical devices globally from dynamic companies that offer a cost effective solution, resulting in improved patient outcomes.

As well as providing medical products, Level 1 Medical currently also supports medical device manufacturers with limited international distribution outlets, and advises on potential new partners, regulatory requirements and cultural nuances, that need to be considered when trading in certain parts of the world.

Level 1 Medical provide a range of Electrosurgery and Anaesthetic disposable devices for international distribution, and is in the process of adding new products to its line over the coming months. For more information on other medical devices and products please contact us.

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If you would like more information about Level 1 Medical's healthcare products and equipment then please contact +44(0)151 342 2792, email or alternatively fax +44 (0)151 342 7208.